Episode # 48 – Final Episode


Over five years, 48 shows of Thirst No More and Bear Fruit have aired on public access stations across the country and on the internet platform, Faith Unveiled Network (FUN). Over the years, Julie Castro has interviewed family members, friends, and other guests who she met through word of mouth or at the National Religious Broadcasters convention.

Having stepped out in faith and not having any previous knowledge about television, Ms. Castro created the show according to the Lord’s instruction to her. Little did she know that when she filmed the last show, that it would take place at sundown of Passover. Julie explains a bit about the Jewish holiday and how God “passed over” the Israelite’s houses and the next day they left Egypt to head to the promised land. Julie realizes that the sunsetting of the show on Passover, is a prophetic act of leaving the show behind and moving forward into a new land.

As Julie crosses the Red Sea into the new chapter of her life, she looks forwards to the promised land that is before her. Julie enjoyed hosting and producing the show and knows the knowledge she gained will be applied to the next season in her life.

All episodes of Thirst No More and Bear Fruit can be viewed on the program’s website at www.thirstnomore.tv.

YouTube Link: Episode # 48 – Final Episode