I Am Life (A Feature Film)

I Am Life, is the title of a feature film that is being produced in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Our mission is to change the hearts and minds in support and celebration of the first forty weeks of life. The movie depicts the growth of a child from conception to birth, expressing the reality of a baby’s development in an entirely new way, through interpretative and prophetic dance. Nothing like it has ever been produced, and viewers will see the unique message with a fresh perspective as given to us through scripture.

To learn more about the movie and how you can be involved, watch the

I Am Life 

Promotional Video

and read How You Can Make the Film a Reality as well as other information about the movie provided below.

I Am Life Problem/Solution Statement

I am Life Logline & Synopsis

Screenwriter, Producer, and Director Julie Castro of Thirst No More Productions shares some Behind The Scenes (BTS) photos of the promotional video filmed at Flow Productions in Tempe, AZ, using their state-of-the-art projection screen. KING Ministries, the talent for the movie, dances life; while Tommy Schade, Director of Photography adds his creative touch to the video.


The following people are generously contributing their time

and resources

to make this movie a reality.

Executive Producer, Director, Screenwriter
Julie Castro, Thirst No More Productions

Director of Photography
Tommy Schade, InScope Films

KING Ministries Dance Team
Julie Swaney
Principal Dancer, Choreographer

Tyree Maston, Liza Beloit, Charlotte Sielski, Meaghan Graef,
Victoria Valead, Judy Martinez, Holly Lockwood

Dance Team

Remote Pilot in Command
Josh Locsin, Wildtype Drones

Production Assistants

Terri Holm, Lisa Lyons, La’Reca Daniels, Katerina Querard, Ira Hughes,
Michael Beloit, Ben Posada, Harvey Lopez, Michael Connell

Creative Expressions
Julie Swaney
Costume Designer

I Am Life Graphic Artist
Stefan Hansen, Creative Instincts