Thirst No More Productions, LLC is a film and television production company that produces content that changes the heart of man.

In 2017, Julie Castro answered the call to produce a monthly television program that aired on public access stations across America. Focusing on people who were doing God’s work, but were unknown names, the show was titled, Thirst No More and Bear Fruit, which is also the tagline to the book publishing company she owns, Fiesta Publishing.

Equity generated from Fiesta Publishing is used to produce the content that God wants made. Although the television show sunset (ended) in March 2021, the series can be viewed on this website or on YouTube. The show will rise again, but what it looks like, only God knows.

In Fall 2021 Julie attended the Christ for the Nations (CFTN) Film Lab, taught by husband and wife team, Chris and Carissa Dalton. Besides learning some key screenplay writing concepts, Julie’s take-away is that any film should change the hearts of man.

During the 8-week course she learned writing, directing and acting techniques that will help her as she writes her first screenplay in Spring 2022.