Episode #14 – God’s Creatures


God created every living creature, as it states in Genesis 1:21. Today’s show talks about how God uses horses to help people to heal and how God intricately made each creature.

God’s Creatures talks with Gordon Wilson, host of the movie, The Riot and the Dance about the uniqueness of each creature God made. He addresses Darwinism and how the theory cannot be true due to the complex composition of each animal. Dr. Wilson is a faculty member at The New Saint Andrews College.

God uses Paula Smith and her horses in equine assisted therapy. Paula explains this therapy and how God can use the horses in healing people. On location, Julie and Paula are joined by Cash the horse who peacefully eats as they talk.

Don’t limit God to how He wants to heal you from physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual hurts and issues.

YouTube Link: Episode #14 – God’s Creatures