Episode #17 – Victor Marx


This month’s episode of Thirst No More and Bear Fruit features a conversation that Julie Castro had with Victor Marx and his faithful companion Scout.

Victor shares briefly about his traumatic childhood and explains how the Lord moved upon him to start working with the orphans in Iraq. His ministry, All Things Possible has many facets and he briefly shares about the various services he and the ministry provide to Iraqi refugees. Mr. Marx shares how Scout, his service dog, also serves as a pet for the displaced children to love unconditionally.

Julie the explains the biblical principles and scriptures based on the work being done by Victor and All Things Possible. Ms. Castro talks about forgiveness and reconciliation; caring for the widows and orphans; how Jesus came to save the world, not judge it through love; and how she reads the bible and applies it to her walk with the Lord.

This is the first show of the Lord doing a new thing with Thirst No More and Bear Fruit. In fact, right before the filming of this episode, it began to rain. It was sunny outside, and it only rained on Julie’s house; nowhere else in the neighborhood! Julie turned to the cameraman and told him that something new was on the horizon for the program. The rain to Julie means the washing away of old things, the beginning and growth of new things, and sometimes vindication.

YouTube Link: Episode #17 – Victor Marx