Episode #20 – Love Thy Neighbor


This month’s episode of Thirst No More and Bear Fruit features a conversation that Julie Castro had with Rebecca Walker who started The Hospitality Table.

Rebecca opens her house to those who live in her apartment complex to show them the love of Christ. As she establishes a relationship with each person, and lets the Holy Spirit lead her to talk, pray and/or love the person when they come to visit. She expects nothing in return but wants to reach out to each community member where they are at in their life. She offers her famous sourdough waffles and coffee to each neighbor that visits.

Ms. Walker’s view of sharing God’s love goes outside of the four walls of a church building and truly ministers to those with whom she comes in contact. As she explains, the church in general tends to stay within the confines of its own membership or group and is not willing to reach out the community. She explains that a lot of Jesus’ ministry was sitting at a table talking (and eating) with a few people.

We can use Rebecca as an example of compassion, not sacrifice to share the love of God with others.

YouTube Link: Episode #20 – Love Thy Neighbor