Episode #24 – Perseverance


This month’s episode of Thirst No More and Bear Fruit, Julie Castro and Jean Medley. Over time, Jean gained a lot of weight and became a diabetic due to a sedentary job
and no exercise.

Jean shares how one day she decided, she would no longer be sedentary and started to move. Little by little Jean kept moving, until two and a half years later, she had lost
two hundred pounds.

Through her perseverance, Jean changed her eating habits and started riding a recumbent bike. She persevered through the tough times and called on God to help her during the rough patches. She is no longer being a diabetic and rides her recumbent bike 20-25 miles two to three times a week. As she states, “If I can do it, anyone can.”

Ms. Medley is an inspiration. She is a reminder to everyone to keep your eyes on the prize, as perseverance pays off.

YouTube Link: Episode #24 – Perseverance