Episode #29 – Walk On


This month’s episode of Thirst No More and Bear Fruit, Julie Castro talks with Ron Bracy, author of Walk On. Retired from the military, Ron shares how the loss of his son in Desert Storm lead to having many sons (and daughters) when he started teaching at a local school in San Antonia, TX.

An in depth study of Habakkuk, helped Ron understand why God answers our questions and concerns in His time, not ours. Mr. Bracy shares about his life and how God directed his path to various jobs after retiring from the military. Truly no event in Ron’s or anyone’s life is in vain. God uses all circumstances to bring each person into their destiny, even when tragedy strikes.

Ron overcame personal setbacks, which lead to his Godly set ups and the destiny of writing his book.

YouTube Link: Episode #29 – Walk On