Episode #32 – Godspeed Magazine


This month’s episode of Thirst No More and Bear Fruit, Julie Castro and Jeremy
Lamont, founder of Godspeed Magazine talk about Jeremy’s walk of faith to create the
magazine. Mr. Lamont shares how God spoke very specific instructions in order to
teach him to walk in faith and not by sight. Mr. Lamont also tells about he thought he
knew how God would accomplish the magazine, only to learn that getting ahead of God
by doing things how he thought God would bring the magazine together was not God’s
way of doing things.

Godspeed Magazine started out of obedience from a direction given to Jeremy. As the
digital magazine moved forward, The Lord brought all the people he needed to
accomplish the instructions. The monthly magazine is subscription based and contains
informative stories and photographs that all relate to a specific topic.

YouTube Link: Episode #32 – Godspeed Magazine