Episode # 35 – Transition


This month’s episode of Thirst No More and Bear Fruit, Julie Castro talks about transition. She tells the viewers how God is transitioning the program into a new format, but how she doesn’t know what the transition looks like. In faith, Julie is waiting on the Lord for direction and understands that the transition is a process and it could take up to six months before the new format is complete.

When Julie filmed this show, it was January 2020 and at the time, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) was not even being discussed on the national news. Little did Ms. Castro understand that Thirst No More and Bear Fruit’s transition would coincide with the transition that is taking place in the Nation and the world.

Julie shares that transition is good and should be embraced. The key to a successful transition is obedience.

YouTube Link: Episode # 35 – Transition