Episode #36 – Homosexuality and Transgender


This month’s episode of Thirst No More and Bear Fruit, Julie Castro and Denise Schick, Founder and Director of Help 4 Families (www.help4families.org), who shares her personal story of what she experienced as her father transitioned into a woman. Then, Julie talks with Kent Philpott, Senior Pastor of Miller Avenue Baptist Church. Over thirty years ago, Kent started a ministry to welcome, not affirm the homosexual community in the church he pastors.

The two guests share their respective experiences and how God and His Word can set men and women free from the bondage of homosexuality and transgender confusion. Yes, confusion. God created man and woman. Men and women were “not born” with gay and transgender tendencies. Generally speaking, underlying issues exist in a person’s life that draw them to a specific gender or want to change genders.

Both Denise and Kent discuss some of the issues and how their ministries are being used to set the captives free.

YouTube Link: Episode #36 – Homosexuality and Transgender