Episode # 40 – Intercessory Prayer


This month’s episode of Thirst No More and Bear Fruit, Julie Castro and Artherrine Hoskins discuss intercessory prayer and why it is important. She started the Power of Agreement Global Prayer Network over 30 years ago and has been praying for people, states, territories, and the Nation with others who join her on the prayer line.

Artherrine shares how she has taught people to pray, as it is a form of communication with God, the Father. Ms. Hoskins tells the viewer how important it is to listen for the Holy Spirit when praying; it’s not all about speaking, but listening too.

Jannah Scott joins the conversation, as she is a prayer warrior who calls into the Power of Agreement Global Prayer Network to pray for the Nation. Ms. Scott shares her heart for praying and interceding for the Nation.

Next, Julie and Hope Benn start a series on the Fruit of the Spirit. Nine in all, love is the first fruit that they discuss. These mini teachings will give the viewer an understanding of God’s character. Love covers a multitude of sins and love casts out all fear to name two things that God’s love does.

YouTube Link: Episode # 40 – Intercessory Prayer