Episode # 43 – Betrayal


This month’s episode of Thirst No More and Bear Fruit, Julie Castro talks with Phil Waldrep about betrayal. Having experienced betrayal by his business partner, Phil shares how he came to a place of forgiveness and greater discernment because of the unfortunate event. This episode confirms that not all Christians walk a Christian life, which explains why discernment is so important not only for believers in Jesus, but all people.

Then, Julie and Hope Benn share their thoughts about peace, the third of the First Fruit that is written in Galatians. Julie bridges peace and betrayal and shares the story of Judas Iscariot and how he betrayed Jesus.

The key is that Jesus knew this was His mission in life and washed Judas’ feet, the ultimate act of forgiveness.

YouTube Link: Episode # 43 – Betrayal