Episode # 46 – Miracle Healing


This month’s episode of Thirst No More and Bear Fruit, Julie Castro talks with Janelle and Terry Crosier about surviving COVID-19. Terry shares his experience of not feeling well, to being diagnosed with the coronavirus, to unknowingly being close to death. All the while, his wife, Janelle called in prayer reinforcement from family and friends. Terry and Janelle’s story is a powerful testimony of faith and being at peace with the Lord God Almighty and allowing His will for both of their lives, not their own will. Terry experienced a miracle healing.

The program starts and ends with Julie’s continuing segments with Hope Benn on the First Fruit. In this episode, Hope and Julie talk about kindness at the beginning of the show and goodness as the last segment.

Truly, God’s goodness and kindness were shown to the Crosier’s in their time of uncertainty. They trusted Jesus, the One whose peace passes all understanding.

YouTube Link: Episode # 46 – Miracle Healing