Episode #5 – Change


Change is a part of life and the biggest change that a person can experience is being born again. This is not a physical re-birth, but a spiritual one. God is Spirit and when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we encounter a spiritual re-birth. In this episode, two different ministries, share how they are instilling change in people. Jayme Parkinson, and Brian and Yolanda Ewing talk about how their respective ministries are changing the lives of others.

Jayme Parkinson is founder of Autumn Magazine, a free, online digital magazine that focuses on love, faith and purpose in life. Her innovative presentation of an embedded video of the featured Person of the Month makes the magazine enjoyable to watch and read thought provoking articles. All with the purpose to bring positive change to the reader.

Brian and Yolanda Ewing talk about the community development corporation they founded out of a community need. As Dean of Students at Maricopa High School, Brian became the confidant to many homeless students. Out of his love to see the high school students succeed, Brian and his wife Yolanda started Families First. We hear from students how the Ewing’s ministry (Brian and Yolanda pastor a church in the community as well) is making a difference in the lives of youth.

YouTube Link: Episode #5 – Change