Episode #6 – Me and My House Will Serve the Lord


As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15) focuses on family upbringing, how it affects our personal relationship with Jesus and how we raise our children. Four different viewpoints of being raised or raising children are shared in this episode. Julie Castro talks with Jannah Scott, Baiyina Abdas, Moriyah Martin and June Sinclair about how each person was raised in their respective faith traditions.
Jannah Scott shares about her childhood upbringing in the church and how she moved into other faith traditions, only to return to the Lord later in life. She is the matriarch of five children and nine grandchildren who all follow Jesus.
Baiyina Abdas is the youngest daughter and Moriyah Martin is the granddaughter of Jannah. Baiyina talks about being raised in other faith traditions before serving Jesus with her whole heart. She is raising Moriyah in a Christian environment. Moriyah talks about Jesus from a childs point of view. Baiyina is the Thirst No More and Bear Fruit make up artist and shows off her talents as she does a make over on June Sinclair while Tom Schermitzler sings Unforgettable by Nat King Cole.

YouTube Link: Episode #6 – Me and My House Will Serve the Lord