Episode #7 – Set the Captives Free


The consequences of natural or man-made laws (vs spiritual or God given laws) can lead to incarceration. This show features two women who are making a difference in the lives of incarcerated men in prison.

The women tell how they met and how their ministry works together and individually. They talk about how God can use anyone who is willing to step out in faith and answer the call.

Rita Williams works in a plant nursery, but four days a week she enters a state and private prison, and ministers the word of God in a Sunday service or bible study depending on the day of the week. Rita shares her love for the unloved men and brings a hope and a future thru the messages she shares.

Shea Bookwalter is a mom of four children who makes time in her busy schedule to pray for the inmate’s prayer requests. She shares how God answered her prayer for a ministry and how God uses her to pray for each man’s prayer request(s).

YouTube Link: Episode #7 – Set the Captives Free