Episode #1 – Hidden


As the inaugural program of Thirst No More and Bear Fruit, this show highlights two ministries that are doing Kingdom work, but are not well known. The ministries were hidden and only by word of mouth were they known, until now. It features Manny and Victoria Rodriguez of Siloam Ministries and Julie Swaney of KING Ministries.

Victoria shares how God uses her outside the four walls of the church with strangers, while Manny shares about his blog, The Cracked Pot. Together, they discuss their inner healing ministry, Siloam Ministries.

Julie Swaney is the co-founder of the prophetic dance ministry, KING Ministries. The dance team wears custom designed and hand sewn outfits that represent various nations. Incorporated into their prophetic dances are beautiful hand dyed silk fans and scarves. This episode features one of the ministry’s most popular dances.

YouTube Link: Episode #1 – Hidden